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 World of Athas


Slight Update

 June 20th 2003

 - Fixed the Variant Rules files, which was unavailable. I also just realised I would have to add the other house rules I am currently using to make it really complete. Anyways, all in good time.

 - Added a Bonus Feat to the Half-Elf race to make them more appealing and fixing a potential imbalance.

 - Added the Making the Kill ability to the Gladiator class.

- Changed the BAB of the Trader to medium after feedback from Dark Sun fans.



 January 18th 2005

Yeah! 2 years and a half later, baby! ;)

Well, its been a long time since I've meant to do this, but somehow I never came around to it. Well, here it is, the update of my Dark Sun material for d20, based on D&D v3.5!

Note that due to personal demands, I will keep my ealier work available, though the 3.5 edition of my conversion should prove better, and replace all other material.

So, here it is, the more complete d20 conversion of the World of Athas! See you in the Material section, and hope to here from you in the Comments one!




 World (-Wide Web) of Athas!

 June 12th 2003

 Having been thinking for some time about posting my material on the Web, here it finally is!

The site only offers few options and material right now, but a lot more stuff and improvements should come along shortly! I want to finish my "making of" chapters, since it allows me to re-check everything I've done, and make sure there are as little mistakes as possible in what I post.

Today, Chapter One: Abilities and Chapter Two: Races are uploaded, with their "making of"s! Enjoy!

I hope to hear from you!




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