World of Athas


"Far from home I am indeed, child, but it is not that home which calls to me now, for I left the Oba's haven to seek my own, far from the forest of my kin, across the vastness of the sands and salts, against beasts and elves and men unblessed, to the setting lights of crimson. There in the distance, there to the mountains, my calling lies and my name shall live in full... Now, is it still your wish to follow us, elf-child?"     

- Shei-Nad of Gulg, to Malabreth

Welcome fans of Athas!

This website exists to offer material for the DARK SUN setting which is converted or created for the d20 system of roleplaying games. All that you find here is the result of my own unnofficial conversion, and all of it is made available for download.

However, it is presently under constant development, and everything is not entirely done yet. Any and all comments or critics will be greatly appreciated so that I may improve my material.

It is my hope that you would find at least some part of it useful for your own campaigns under the Dark Sun! Have fun!


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I would like to point out that this conversion, though  a genuine effort to convert the DARK SUN setting on my own, inevitably uses material and concepts both from official and unofficial sources. As I am not doing this to profit from it lucratively or otherwise, and doing my best to respect the Open Gaming License Policy, I would hope that no copyrights controversy ensues from this, so please believe that it is not my intention to steal anyone’s ideas or property.

If any person or organisation believe or knows the material offered here violates any law or agreement, please let me know so I can make the necessary modifications.



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